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                                                                                          CFA ,TICA & PKD DNA, Registered Cattery

Hello,Welcome to Voyabliss Persians, I am Marlene from Malta (Europe), mother of two boys, and a girl. And I would like to welcome you to my website. 

 This is a small cattery  where cats are part of our family.

 I would  like to introduce you to my cattery and this is the reason   behind the creation of this website. It is a labour of love.

I love cats very much in fact I have six cats .Two males and  four Females .I breed adorable for Persian kittens and I breed for type.  My 6  cats come from pure Persian lines. 

All of my cats are raised indoors in a clean and cageless enviroment. 

You can also see photos of them in the photo gallery and I have  even added photos of their lovely kittens . 

 Voyabliss Persians specializes in Bi -Colour,Calico's, Tabbies, and Vans

My cats have fantastic bloodlines some of the best whichhave been imported from USA,Germany,Russia & UK

Which include

  Steeplechase, Cattrax,Candirand, Boberan, Artemis, Tehy, Bolo, Ocalicos, Sugarspun, Jubileum, Noblessa, Ezluvin, Rolandus, Cattilak , Brannaway,Pajean's,Rhamjoge,Diand s Divided,Fabuls,Paquita s, Harwood,Levina, Caprimoon, Quartet,  Ari-Al, Pizzacata....

Eden Lover , Kozy Colorful ,Byhishands

Voyabliss persians is a closed cattery , and we do not offer stud service . So please do not ask . 

My cattery and all of my cats are registered with  TICA & FIFE . I hope you will like my website and that you will enjoy browsing ....Please visit again and again as I enjoy updating my website frequently .    

One final word , I breed from PKD DNA tested cats. I am thinking of introducing  more cats , however I will make sure that they are PKD negative...One word of advice be careful when buying new cats and make sure that you have written on the pedigree that the kitten / cat is PKD negative and DNA tested.  


                   I only breed Pure Persians. No CPC's or Exotic's in my pedigrees !


                      Thanks  for  visiting  my site



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